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Homeless Outreach
Referral Services

Individuals and families experiencing homelessness and/or housing insecurity have access to onsite representatives from Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS).  Through these agency representatives, community members can access system referrals and assessment for services.


Community Build, Inc. offers case managed homeless services for individuals enrolled in CBI programming (i.e.-GRYD Intervention, Project SAVE CD 9 and CD10). Enrolled individuals receive intensive case management services to support self-sufficiency. Offered services include, but are not limited to: employment counseling, academic advising, application assistance, housing referrals, assistance with housing search and application. Enrolled clients also receive supportive services in the form of CA Identification vouchers, birth certificate vouchers, hygienic kits, food, water, onsite snacks.

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